Our American Indian Revolutionary War Hero – Honyery Doxtator – Tewahangaraghken (The Man With The Snowshoes)

My sister Angelia Riddle did a great deal of intensive research into our Indian heritage and was passionate that our ancestors be credited with their achievements.

Honyery Doxtator and his son Peter served at Oriskany. Also Honyery’s wife, Sally Montour/Martin. The accounts of this are numerous. Honyery was an Oneida Indian and received the rank of Captain in the Revolutionary War.

Peter, Honyery’s son served under Peter Bellinger. Honyost Doxtator, his brother, fought with Honyery.

References, The Revolutionary War Records, Annals of Oneida County by Pomeroy Jones, The Iroquois in The American Revolution by Barbara Greymont. Oneida Indian Nation – Oneida Nation Homelands THE ONEIDAS AND THE BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN NATION

General Schuyler gave the rank of captain to Honyery himself in recognition of his service at Oriskany. Eleven other Oneidas and Tuscaroras were given officers’ rank at the same time, but only three were Captains. Both Schuyler and Gates praised the Indians for their bravery in action and said that “they fought like bulldogs”.

f5fd2adb-fb24-4d40-908b-3d835b7a518aHonyery Doxtator’s Indian name was Tewahangaraghken (The Man With The Snowshoes). He served as a captain in the Revolutionary War along with his brother, Honyost and his son, Peter (b. 1751). (Revolutionary War Records ) He fought in the Battle of Oriskany where he was wounded in the wrist. His wife, Sally Martin, fought alongside him. After he was wounded, she loaded his gun for him as well as firing her own. He was granted 1800 acres of land for his service in that war. This consisted of three 600 acre plots. He was married to a woman named Dolly Cobus before he married Sally Martin. I believe that his first two children were mothered by Dolly, but I can not be certain of that. He died at the age of 94 in 1794. (POM) I would like very much to see these American Indians more widely recognized for their contribution. Although Joseph Brant led most of the Iroquoian tribes onto the British side, the Oneidas, the Tuscaroras and the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans fought gallantly, and at great cost, for the colonialists. In the end, of course, these heroes fared no better than the ones who fought against the Colonials.

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