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Campbellton, Georgia

Road signs always intrigue me.

They’re often clues to who lived in an area in the past, or to local attractions – such as Cedar Grove, or Flat Shoals. Both of these areas may have been places for early settlers to meet and enjoy a picnic or a church service.

The ones that really get my attention are the roads that lead to a town that doesn’t exist any more. I’ve begun making little sojourns into the countryside surrounding Atlanta to try and locate vanished towns and I sometimes write a little article about them on my wiregrasscountry.com blog.

Last year I wrote about Campbelltown and yesterday I shared that little ghost town with my family.  When I got home, I found a great video that someone made of the same gravel road that I traveled.  It tracks alongside the mighty Chattahoochee for a mile or so and dates back to 1838.  It was easy to imagine clip clopping along in a one horse trap under those shady trees and past the waving grass.  At the top of the hill, the road leads to what is left of Campbelltown – not much.

A square with a monument to a courthouse that no longer stands, one antebellum house, an old well and an old Masonic temple. The drive along the river has been immortalized in this video – enjoy! Hard to believe it is just minutes from downtown Atlanta.



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