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Mom was an Environmentalist . . .

. . .before it was popular. She loved to jump in the car with children trailing, wandering down unknown roads and lanes, just appreciating Nature’s glory. If she found a little stream, she would stop the car and explore.

She and her husband, Tom, were avid fishermen, and became active in Indiana’s Izaak Walton League. Tom was elected President, and once the membership figured out that it was Leora doing all the work, they elected her President . . . their first woman President. When the organization had a membership drive, Mom would cart along note pads and pens, and draw wilderness scenes on the spot, handing them out to admirers like candy.

I was married, and not aware of how active Mom had become in this organization. She passed away in 1990. I made a new friend in one of my quilting organizations a couple years ago, and we had lunch together one day. Becoming acquainted, we spoke of our parents, and I mentioned Mom and her fishing, adding that she was a painter. My friend paused, and asked, “What was her name?”

“Leora Brown”, I answered. Karen looked up and said, “I met her!” And, she told me about chatting with and watching Mom work with pen and ink at an Izaak Walton League event. Since Mom has been gone so many years, it was heartwarming to have a new acquaintance remember her in the same scenario as I often picture her, drawing nature scenes . . . country lanes and waterways lined with trees and blossoms.

Perpetually 29!

Our mother perpetually lied about her age. She and my step-father, Tom, were avid fishermen. One year, as she completed the application for her fishing license, she posted “35” in the square designated for her age. The gentleman accepting the application carefully reviewed it, and paused when noting that entry. He peered at her over the top of his glasses, and she retrieved the form to amend the age to 45. A few minutes later, as they were leaving, Tom said, “Leora, I’m ashamed of you . . . you lied about your age again!” The gentleman called out, “Oh, leave her alone. She corrected it”.

She was 65 at the time!

Mom and Hats

Mom  wore a flower in her hair instead of hats. When Gerald Hamm, her husband died, her friend told her ‘you must wear a hat to the funeral’.   So, she went to town with her friend and bought the hat that she wore to the funeral.

On the way back from the cemetery, she rolled the car window down and threw it out, declaring “I HATE hats!”

Some years later her mother’s half-sister, Verla, passed away. Leora current husband, Tom, made the same comment: “You have to wear a hat to the funeral.” Once again, she went shopping and purchased a hat.

As the family drove back to the funeral, Mom  had the hat in her lap.  She kept fidgeting with it and Tom reached over and took it out of hand and put in the back seat, before she had a chance to chuck another one.