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Moses Doxtator 1813 – 1891

Moses Anderson Doxtator was the child of Peter Doxtator and Lucretia Calvin, the daughter of Bartholomew Calvin AKA Weequehela (Wilted Grass). Moses was born in Lenox, New York in 1813.

Peter was a grandson of Honyere Doxtator or Tewahowagarahe (He Who Wears Snow Shoes), a chief of the Oneidas and a Revolutionary War patriot, who received a commission as Captain.

Lucretia’s father, Bartholomew Calvin AKA Weequehela (Wilted Grass) was educated at Moor School, a Scottish mission school run by Eleazor Wheelock that later became Princeton. He had his own very highly regarded school which was attended by white students as well as Indian.

Moses and Elizabeth came to Wisconsin in 1832 in a covered wagon pulled by teams of oxen. Moses made several trips between New York and the Wisconsin settlements with the head chiefs. He was a scoupt, who ran ahead to find suitable places to camp on those trips.

Moses married Elizabeth Cornelius, born in 1834. Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Hendrick Smith, another prominent Indian leader in New York.

Moses was a farmer. They settled and farmed the lands on both sides of the road on the east side of the Quinney hill.  He is shown on the Stockbridge Agency until 1871. He went to Kansas where he had land, but after about one year was run out by white settlers.

At some point the couple separated and Elizabeth bought a house originally built in 1870 by Apsen Quinney. She later went back to live on the Oneida reservation with her children. After Moses’ death in 1891 she married a man named George Allen.