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Jul 13, 2013 - Genealogy    No Comments

Scrounging up the Past

Alabama Dog Trot Log Cabin from the 1850s

Recently, more than one friend of mine has shared how exciting they have found it to explore their genealogy. I started exploring mine in the 90’s after a kickstart from my oldest daughter. Her research piqued my curiosity.

Addicted, now I have several six inch binders of family stuff, plus large storage boxes of memorabilia of only moderate interest to anyone else. It is a slice of history, so I feel it only right to honor it. I did find out, as I’m sure most people do, that I have a number of interesting ancestors who accomplished things that just amaze me.

So far, I have uncovered over 30 Civil War participants on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. In some cases, I can see a sad story between the lines, waiting to be told.

Some family members ventured into the west – they had passports to enter the Mexican territory and became First Families of Texas, though I have not applied for official recognition. One aunt’s husband signed the Texas Declaration of Statehood.

My Indian ancestors would roll over in their graves if they but knew that one of my great-aunts married a son of Wilson Lumpkin, implementer of the Cherokee removal in Georgia.

Speaking of the Indian side of the family – I found it dotted with illustrious members, as well as more than their fair share of alcoholics. The statesmen are well-documented, and make me very proud to be their descendant. Since alcoholism is a world wide problem, one can only feel sorry for those afflicted with the despair that leads to it.

Unfortunately, I have made but a stab at creating records of these great stories, but as a cousin recently reminded me, we must record them before we are gone and they are lost forever.

Perhaps there is a book in these vignettes of lives gone forever.