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James D. and Mary James – Heard County Pioneers

This article was written by C. D. McDowell, a direct descendant of this couple and a third cousin of mine.

 James D. James was born about 1789 in Jamestown, Virginia. Jamestown was located at this time in James City County. He married Mary Foster, born about 1799 in Jamestown, Virginia. Mary was half Cherokee Indian. Eight of their nine children was born in Virginia. The two oldest sons was married. One lived in Patrick County, Virginia (married a Philpott, also a direct line of mine) and the other in Franklin County, Virginia.

James, Mary, the two sons that was married and all the family left Virginia by covered wagons to come to Georgia. One of the covered wagons was a blacksmith shop. They were farmers.

The family first settled in Ridgeway Community, then nearer to Texas Community near Cedar and Town Creeks. The Creek Indians were in this area.

The James had brought two ‘cur’ dogs to Georgia. During the building of their log houses and getting settled, the dogs disappeared. It was thought the Indians had killed them.

Two years later Mr. Daniel Arrington came from Franklin County, Virginia. He brought their dogs home. The dogs had gone back to Virginia.

The James knew they had been accepted by the Indians when they found two bags (sacks) of seed corn hanging in a tree. Another time they found a wild dressed turkey in a bag hanging from a tree limb.

During the wagon trip to Georgia, ‘Mandy’ (Amanda James) and Lucinda rode ‘shotgun’ on horseback.Lucinda broke a limb to use as a whip. When she got to Georgia, she stuck it in the ground. It rooted and grew to be an apple tree.

The children of James D. and Mary Foster James were:Foster (builder of bridges and one of the builders of Campground) who married in Virginia, Nancy Arrington, Spencer (Mar:Susan Foster, in VA), Penny (Mar: a Johnson), Amanda, Lucinda (Mar: James Moore)), Luvinia (Mar: A.C.S. Strayhorn), James Turner (he married my great grandmother Jane Penelope Williams) Charles, John Henry (Mar: Serena Brown Philpot). John Henry was the only child born in Georgia. James D. and Mary Foster James are buried in unmarked graves in the Almon Cemetery.

(Diane’s note: members of our Wilkinson line also married Philpotts and Arringtons).

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A Lifelong Love

Relationship: my great grandparents

Turner James married Jane Penelope Williams on Christmas Eve of 1867. Jane was just 17 years of age, and Turner was a seasoned veteran of the Civil War at the age of 33.

Turner joined Hilliard’s Legion, 5th Battalion, Company B. in 1862, which was merged later in the year into the 10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment. This regiment was organized at Murfreesboro, by consolidating the battalions of Col. Charles T. Goode and Lt. Col. M. N. Slaughter*–the latter being the cavalry of Hilliard’s Legion, which had passed through the Kentucky campaign. Brigaded under General Pegram, the 10th fought at Monticello, losing 8 killed, 19 wounded, and 62 captured.

After operating in East Tennessee, the regiment raided into Kentucky and fought in a half dozen severe conflicts, losing 160 men in all. Surprised at Jimtown, the regiment lost about 50 men, mostly captured.

At Chickamauga the 10th fought under Gen’l Forrest and again lost heavily. The regiment was often on picket and outpost duty. Placed in Wade’s (afterwards Hume’s and Robinson’s) Brigade, Kelly’s Division, with the First and Third Confederate and a Georgia and Louisiana regiment, the 10th lost heavily at Resaca and New Hope, then performed arduous duty during the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. It was in Wheeler’s last raid, moving as far as Saltville, Virginia.

Having returned to assist Gen’l John Bell Hood, the 10th proceeded to the Carolinas and was engaged at Bentonville. It surrendered with Johnson’s army, 300 strong.

My great grandfather Benjamin James, was born in 1867. The following year, Turner, who had survived all those hellish years of war,fell in a creek, caught pneumonia and died.

His wife Jane, a tiny woman much beloved by her family, mourned him for the rest of her long life.