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Will of Bethena Ward Wilkinson (wife of Alonzo Archibald Wilkinson)

The State of Alabama,

Macon County,

I, Bethena L. Wilkerson, being of sound mind and disposing memory do publish and declare

This my last will and testament.

Item 1st – It is my will and desire that my children inherit all the estate of whatsoever kind I may be possessed of.

Item 2– It is my will and desire that my father Stephen Ward take the control and management of my children and that he take the possession of my two Negro slaves to wit Dinah a woman of sixty five years old and Ann a girl about thirteen years old and he manage and control said negroes.

Item 3– I hereby with trust make and appoint my said father Stephen Ward my executor of my estate, and it is my express will and desire that he take charege of same without giving security as may be required by the statutes of this or any other state.

Signed, sealed and delivered as the last will and testament of Bethena L. Wilkerson in presence of us who have signed our names in the presence of said Bethena L. Wilkerson.

Frank W. Ruso
Thomas W Slaughter
John Washington Jones

Before me Lewis Alexander Judge of Probate Court in and for said county personally came Thomas W. Slaughter, Frank W. Ruso and John Washington Jones who attested the same in Presence of Bethena L. Wilkerson the testator, this 5 day of Jan, 1855.

Stephen Ward presented the will of Bethena L. Wilkerson deceased to the Judge of Probate of Macon County and state of Alabama and had said that the deceased has been dead more than fifteen days and was at the time of his death resident of Macon County, and that the distributees and legatees of the estate of the said deceased and Archibald Wilkerson husband of said deceased, who is of age twenty one and according to the last information of application is a resident of Coosa County, Ala, and Julia County of Macon and make applicaton for the probate of said will.

This 16th day of October 1954.