Mom and Hats

Mom  wore a flower in her hair instead of hats. When Gerald Hamm, her husband died, her friend told her ‘you must wear a hat to the funeral’.   So, she went to town with her friend and bought the hat that she wore to the funeral.

On the way back from the cemetery, she rolled the car window down and threw it out, declaring “I HATE hats!”

Some years later her mother’s half-sister, Verla, passed away. Leora current husband, Tom, made the same comment: “You have to wear a hat to the funeral.” Once again, she went shopping and purchased a hat.

As the family drove back to the funeral, Mom  had the hat in her lap.  She kept fidgeting with it and Tom reached over and took it out of hand and put in the back seat, before she had a chance to chuck another one.

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