I was amazed to find that I could go further back in time on the American Indian side of my family that I could on many of the Caucasian branches.

It is an illustrious family, as a matter of fact, with many orators and statesmen who tried valiantly to protect their people from the white man’s goverment.

I was able to trace my Indian ancestry back to New Jersey and New York and found that I qualify for Daughter of the American Revolution through more than one grandfather who served with George Washington

My father was born on an Oneida reservation in Wisconsin. He was a talented musician, but like many Native Americans, he was allergic to alcohol. He left me with a half sister and a half brother whom I came to love and visited several times in Wisconsin and Indiana until their deaths. I found I had an extensive, loving family on my Native American side.

Because I have a white great grandmother and a white mother , I am not quite half Native American, according to the Oneidas, so not eligible for recognition by that tribe.  I am however, a member of the Brotherton tribe.