Perpetually 29!

Our mother perpetually lied about her age. She and my step-father, Tom, were avid fishermen. One year, as she completed the application for her fishing license, she posted “35” in the square designated for her age. The gentleman accepting the application carefully reviewed it, and paused when noting that entry. He peered at her over the top of his glasses, and she retrieved the form to amend the age to 45. A few minutes later, as they were leaving, Tom said, “Leora, I’m ashamed of you . . . you lied about your age again!” The gentleman called out, “Oh, leave her alone. She corrected it”.

She was 65 at the time!

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  • I have never seen this pic. When I first saw it in small form thought wow–who’s that sure looks a lot like mom!!!
    Just looking at site Hope to add some too it soon!

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